Telecommunications Services

We are leaders in providing engineering design services for the wireless mobile telecommunications industry encompassing all phases of network site development and modifications.

Since its inception in 1996, The Cedars Group, Inc. – Consulting Engineers, has been providing Professional Engineering services for cellular and wireless mobile telephone carriers in the New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia Metropolitan Trading Areas. The firm is highly experienced in wireless telecommunications site development, design, modifications, and permitting.

The experience of our staff in cellular and wireless telecommunications cell sites dates back to 1990. Our staff includes professional engineers, project managers, seasoned AutoCAD operators and administrators, all of whom have achieved unparalleled years of experience with the firm and in the industry. We have successfully developed design for all types of new and co-location cell sites including existing towers and monopoles, buildings and rooftops, tenant improvements, raw land sites for monopoles and towers, water tanks, chimneys, smoke stacks, tree poles, flagpoles and other stealth type structures.

We have extensive expertise in tunnel connectivity, micro-cells, small cells and nodes.

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